Pumpernickel's Bagelry

5504 Connecticut Avenue
Washington, DC 20015

Carry Out Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Served All Day, Every Day!

Deli Breakfast: Two eggs any style, bacon, ham, or sausage with our famous home fried potatoes, bagel or toast with butter or cream cheese. $8.50

French Toast: Two pieces of Texas Toast, fresh off the griddle. Served with butter, syrup, and powdered sugar. $4.75

Chevy Chase Special: Two eggs any style, half order of french toast, home fries, bacon, ham or sausage. $9.00

Hatcher Breakfast Sandwich: Turkey bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. $5.00

Pumpernickel Combo: Breakfast sandwich, small potatoes and a fresh coffee. $8.50

Breakfast Burrito: Eggs, green peppers, onions, black beans, potatioes, choice of meat. $7.50

Cheese Omelette: Your choice of cheese. $6.00

Western Omelette: Green Peppers, red peppers, onions, Swiss cheese, and tyme. $8.00

Deli Omelette: Bacon, ham, or sausage with cheese, peppers, and onions. $8.00

Egg White Omelette: Three egg whites, ham, and white American cheese. $6.00

Deli Breakfast Sandwiches: Bacon, Ham, or Sausage, with Egg and Cheese. $4.50

Vegan Breakfast Sandwich: All Vegan Sausage or Bacon, Egg and Cheese. $5.00

Bagel Specials

Bagel with Cream Cheese: Your choice of any of our house baked bagels! $2.60

Bagel with Veggie or Chive Cream Cheese: Fresh toasted. $3.00

Bagel with Butter: Your choice of bagel, toasted to perfection. $2.00

Bagel with Whitefish Salad: Fresh Whitefish salad on a toasted bagel. $5.50.

Bagel with Nova Salmon and Cream Cheese: Fresh baked bagel, toasted with Smoked Salmon, cream cheese, tomato, and onion. $7.75

Bagel with Lox Spread: Fresh chopped lox mixed with cream cheese. $7.75

Bagel with Hummus or Peanut Butter: Creative and Fun! $3.00

Bagel with Cream Cheese and Bacon: Fresh crisp bacon with our bagel and cream cheese. $4.10

Muffins, Turnover, Donuts: Fresh Daily! $2.50

Bagels Buy The Dozen: Bakers Dozen! $12.00